10 Easy DIY Dog Toys

This post is all about DIY dog toys. You can spend so much money on toys for your furry friend to enjoy, but why not just make them? Here are 10 DIY dog toys that are super easy to make and you can find most of the materials around the house or for super cheap at the store.

  1. A milk jug with kibble or treats inside.                                                This one is super easy – all you need is a milk jug and some kibble or treats. First, you need to get an empty milk jug and rinse it out so it doesn’t stink, then let it dry. Next, drop a few pieces of kibble in or a treat or two and watch your pup have fun solving the puzzle! If the milk jug gets too torn up, throw it away and repeat the process.
  2. A water bottle inside a t-shirt.                               To make this toy you will need: A water bottle, an old t-shirt (adult small is a good size for a standard water bottle, but you can always simply cut to size if you have a larger t-shirt), and scissors. First, take the t-shirt and cut out a large section of cloth from the front – from the bottom to the bottom of the sleeves, depending on the size of the shirt. You should end up with a rectangular piece of cloth approx. 1 1/2 ft. long and 1 ft. wide (the bigger the better). Now cut two strips of cloth about 1 in. wide and 6 in. long. Wrap the water bottle (cap on or off – but remember the water bottle will flatten faster with the cap off) in the section of cloth width wise until all of the cloth has been rolled. Use the strips of cloth to securely tie the cloth on either side of the water bottle, leaving a bit of excess at the top but leaving most of it on one end. Now it is up to you to design the rest. You can leave the excess alone, cut it into strips and braid them, or tie knots. This toy can be altered to have a tennis ball inside instead.
  3. Denim knot.         This one is probably the easiest – just take an old pair of jeans or the leftover denim from a pair of cutoff shorts and tie knots. You can also soak this and freeze it overnight for additional fun
  4. PVC pipe puzzle.         This one is also very simple and all you will need is a toy, treat, or rawhide and a PVC pipe. Simply place the reward in the PVC pipe and let your pup have fun solving the puzzle!
  5. Braided denim toy. This one is also super easy – all you need are three large strips of denim. Simply braid all the strips and there you go! For extra fun, soak the cloth and freeze overnight.
  6. Tennis ball puzzle.         This is a great brain game for your pup to figure out and will keep them entertained. All you will need is 12 tennis balls and a muffin tin. Place each of the tennis balls inside a muffin socket and let your furry friend figure it out!
  7. Duct-taped bubble wrap.                               WARNING: Not for heavy chewers. This one is super easy too; all you will need is a large section of bubble wrap and some duct tape. Roll up the bubble wrap and cover it in duct tape. You might want to apply two layers of duct tape for stability. Enjoy!
  8. Glove treat puzzle.         This one is guaranteed to be destroyed so be sure to use a glove you do not care about. For this toy you will need some kibble or treats and an old glove. Stuff the fingers of the glove with treats or kibble and give to your dog
  9. Outdoor flirt pole.                            This one isn’t the easiest toy to make, but it’s great for active dogs who love to chase and play. You will need a long PVC pole, some rope, and a toy. The length of the pole depends on how big your dog is, and also how tall you want it. Thread the rope through the pipe until it comes out on the other end, then pull out about two feet and coil it around the end of the PVC pipe, then knot it. Drive the end of the PVC pipe with the rope coiled around it into the ground or dig a hole, stick the pipe in, and bury it. Make sure the pole goes far down and is very sturdy. Attach your toy to the end of the rope securely and enjoy watching your furry friend play!
  10. Tennis ball sock toy.                                     This one is also very simple- all you will need is an old sock and a tennis ball. Simply stuff the tennis ball into the sock and tie a knot to keep it from falling out. That’s it!

Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoyed all of my ideas. Also, here is this week’s fun fact: Dog’s sweat glands are present in their paws.  Finally, if you would like more great ideas please check out my pintrest account!


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